The prevention of Covid-19
Binh Thuan to implement measures to limit the infection source rather good

( Up to April 2nd, Binh Thuan had no more new infection cases. In addition, the province continued to focus on implementing many measures to prevent and minimize t...

Stop receiving the new tourists at the hotels and resorts in the whole Binh Thuan province

( That was the request of Binh Thuan Department of culture, sports and tourism in the official dispatch dated on March 27th.

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prominent tourism news
Phan Thiet to respond to the “ 2020 Earth Hour” campaign

( The “2020 Earth Hour” campaign this year was launched by the Ministry of Trade and Industry to raise the whole society’s awareness of electricity saving and env...

Binh Thuan maintains the stable number of international tourists in the epidemic

( That’s the reportage which was made by the cooperation between Binh Thuan Tourism Promotion Center and Vietnam national television -VTV.

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Travel News
Transporting tourists by the double decker bus

( The people’s committee of Binh Thuan province has just sent a dispatch to propose Prime Minster so that Binh Thuan can carry out the transport model with the do...

Bau Trang (or the white lake) welcomed nearly 40.000 tourist arrivals within the first two months

( According to the report from the tourist management board of Bau Trang tourist destination, this place welcomed approximately 40.000 tourists within the first ...

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Tourism Information
The medical properties of 8 daily spices

( Everyday, we often use different kinds of spices for cooking like ginger, garlic, pepper.. These spices not only make the food more delicious, but also prevent m...

Seven habits that help boost the health and prevent the epidemic

( The good daily habits can help you prevent the Covid-19 – A contagious epidemic which is spreading all over the world.

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The eventful 20th wind surfing championship - Fun Cup 2019

On the morning of January 25th, at the club of Jibe’s Beach Phan Thiet, the opening ceremony for the 20th international wind surfing championship took place at the club of Jibe’s B...

Starting for the open windsurfing championship – Fun Cup 2019

The 20th international windsurfing championship – Fun Cup will take place from 25 January to 27 January, 2019 at Jibe’s Beach Club, 90 Nguyen Dinh Chieu street, Ham Tien ward, Pha...

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