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Welcoming traditional Tet Holiday at Padanus Resort - (31/01/2019)

( To welcome the traditional Tet Holiday – The year of the Pig, the Padanus Resort (Phan Thiet city – Binh Thuan province) has brought many interesting choices to tourists with the series of the events which are deeply traditional taste of Tet holiday. Among them, there will be a program of welcoming the Spring festival which will take place on January 2nd , 2019.

(The taste of Vietnamese Tet  Holiday; photo: Nguyen Vu)
Coming to the spring festival at Padadus Resort, tourists will get to know more about the ancient space of Tet Holiday with many typical and unique characters like: Making Chung cake, enjoying traditional dishes on Tet Holidays, wearing Ao Dai – a Vietnamese traditional costume, asking for calligraphy, listening about the destiny for a new year…
The calligraphy
On the days of Tet, Vietnamese people like to wear Ao Dai to go to the street and to ask letters from the calligraphers to give each other. Each of the letters and words in the calligraphy contains good meanings instead of wishes for a prosperous and happy new year. When going to the street, if you see the image of a calligrapher grinding ink and writing parallel sentences on red scrolls, then it is time to begin to feel the atmosphere of Tet.
Enjoying tea: A beauty of Vietnamese culture
That’s not only the elegant pleasure, but brings the cultural quintessence of Vietnamese people. After the New Year’s Eve or in the mornings of the new year, members in their families often get together around the table and drink  tea, eat some jam and share the funny stories or wishes to strengthen their love. That is the meaning of Tet Holiday.

(Enjoying tea on Tet Holiday; photo: Nguyen Vu)

Cast coins for the New Year
On the first day of the New Year, Vietnamese people often go to the temple to pray and ask for fortune in the hope of "guessing" the future in the New Year. Predicting the future is a belief that had from the ancient times based on the Yin-Yang rule. The previous generations have studied ways to predict the future based on "Five Elements" or appearance. Based on these predictions, people often draw experiences to prepare for a happier and more peaceful new year.

Giving and receiving lucky money on Tet Holiday
Children always look forward to Tet holiday to wear new clothes and receive lots of lucky money from adults with plenty of good wishes. Besides, young people will also give lucky money to adults with good health wishes in the hope that they will live longer with their grandchildren. The lucky money will be put in the red envelopes which symbolize luck.

(Vietnamese Tet’s space; photo: Nguyen Vu)
The taste of Vietnamse’s Tet
On the last days of the year, when going to the street you will feel the taste of the New Year when you see shops selling all kinds of jams. Coconut jam, ginger jam and all delicious candies will be displayed in the house to prepare for welcoming guests to visit the house on the first day of the year.

Along with the spring activities, throughout the lunar New Year – The year of the Pig, Pandanus Resort also organizes a rich culinary program with traditional dishes and Vietnamese folk games for visitors so that they will fully enjoy the Vietnamese lunar New Year beside their families. For anything, please contact: Pandanus Resort, address: Quarter 5, Mui Ne, Phan Thiet.
Nguyen Vu
Translated by Van Thao


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