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Welcome the Christmas in Phan Thiet city - (10/12/2019)

( The Christmas is coming very closely, Phan Thiet city is also bustling with the atmosphere of the winter. On the main streets of Phan Thiet city like Tuyen Quang, Thu Khhoa Huan, Nguyen Tri Phuong…. Many gift shops are full of gifts, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, tinsels, baubles…
(The Christmas tree; photo: Nguyen Vu)
Noel has to has the Christmas tree
Almost the local people and tourists in Phan Thiet said that: “ Noel has to has the Christmas tree”. Therefore, there are hundreds of accessories in differences of models, colors and sizes to decorate the Christmas tree.
This year, the price for a Christmas tree which was decorated is from VND140.000 to VND 1.200.000 according to the types. If wanting to decorate by self, customers can chose the normal items (bauble, fairy light, tinsel, Santa Claus) from VND 5.000 to VND 140.000 depending on the sizes and shapes.
(Different types of product for Christmas; photo: Nguyen Vu)
Different types of product for Christmas
Along with decorative items,  gifts for Christmas are also very rich and numerous. The trend of this year is the hand-made products. Many attractive handicraft items such as gift bags embroidered with snowman,  pine-shaped rings, red gloves, pineapple-shaped candles, hearts, bells, cloth snowmen ... cost from 20,000. - 40,000 VND. One of the indispensable gifts on this occasion is a gift for children. The familiar gifts like  the Santa Claus, snow princess… will be from VND 40.000 to VND 200.000.  The modern items like Santa Claus riding a reindeer cart, Santa Claus with a gift bag on his shoulder ... using batteries with funny Christmas songs about VND 100.000. In particular, the children's favorite gifts are the clothe of snow princess  for girls, Santa’s clothes for boys priced at just under 80,000 VND depending on the material and size. Particularly, the bell-shaped Christmas hat is probably the cheapest gift, only about VND 10.000.
Another warm Christmas  is coming in the beautiful Phan Thiet city. Let’s browse the shops to feel the atmosphere of the Christmas and integrate into the peaceful life of the local people here on this Christmas day with your family.
Nguyen Vu
Translated by Van Thao


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