Binh Thuan tourism Day October 24

Tourism sector to carry out many methods to serve tourists on the Vietnam National Day - (27/08/2019)

( Deputy Director of  Binh Thuan Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism – Miss. Nguyen Lan Ngoc has just signed a document on implementing many missions to serve tourists during the Vietnam National Day (September 2rd)  in the area of Binh Thuan province. The document was sent to the local Culture and Information Departments, Management Boards of tourist areas and businesses.
(International visited Ta Cu Mountain; photo: Nguyen Vu)
With the purpose of serving tourists well on the occasion of this year national Day, the Departments of Culture and Information have to strengthen the management, propaganda and mobilization of the people to ensure the tourism environment; implement civilized lifestyle; keep the environmental sanitation and landscape. Besides, there is the Coordination with the relevant units to inspect the listing price, food safety, security, fire prevention at the local areas.
For management boards of tourist areas and tourism enterprises, the security and environment sanitation must be ensured, the rate of services must be stable. Besides, there must be a good control of traffic and vendors and other rental services such as: sliding board, car, jeep,…Along with that is installing the board of regulations and caution to instruct tourists at the tourist destinations and beaches; especially the guarantee for tourists has to be put on the first priority.
(Tourists took photos at the relic of P Sha Inu tower; photo: Nguyen Vu)
Tourism enterprises need to allocate human resources and necessary conditions to serve tourists well to ensure quality, strictly list prices and sell at posted prices, actively propagate and inform to tourists about the bad weather in this time. At the same time, there are measures to enhance the security and safety for tourists, not to bring visitors to areas that are not safe, do not discriminate against different markets. The rescue work has to be strengthened at the coastal beaches, swimming pools; all things for rescuing tourists in the urgent cases must be ready like life jacket, canoe, life guard...Enterprises must also strictly comply with the regulations on food safety and hygiene, strengthen environmental sanitation. If there are accidents related to tourists, the tourism enterprises must immediately notify the authorities to promptly coordinate and handle the problems. Hotlines of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism (via the Tourism Promotion Information Center) are: 02523.608.222 and 02523.810.801.
Nguyen Vu
 Translated by Hoai Phuong


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