Ham Thuan Bac District

Tourism Potentiality of Ham Thuan Bac District - (27/03/2015)

(Muinetourism.vn).- With many beautiful landscapes, such as Song Quao lake, Ham Thuan lake, Da Mi lake, Ham Thuan Bac district has a great potential for ecotourism and leisure tourism. Its Da Mi commune, for example, has Chin Tang (Nine-storey) waterfall, Suong Mu (Misty) waterfall, San bay (Airport) hill, etc. These places are charming, poetic, misty and even as cold as Da Lat city. However, tourism sector here has not yet taken shape.

Da Mi Lake

Need for schemes of tourism development
Binh Thuan Provincal People’s Committee had approved general plans and master plans of Song Quao lake ecotourism zone, Tourist site of Da Mi lake, and had had a policy, which allows Dat Viet limited liability company to make detail plan for Da Mi leisure and ecotourism zone since 2008. However, because of difficulties in implementation mechanism, goal, scale of the plans and the execution time expired, in August of 2014, the provincial People’s Committee decided to cancel this plan and lead relative sectors to check, report and propose investment mechanism for inspection. Thus, after almost 10 years, everything just have to be started all over again.

Determining on impulse tourism
The provincal government do not wait passively, they has invested to upgade, extend routes from Da Mi to the district center (DT 714), which serves tours from Phan Thiet to Lam Dong and vice versa, and from Da Tro to Ta My village for who want to visit Nine storey waterfall. Besides, facilities to serve the basic needs of the community, for instance, electricity, water, culture, healthcare, etc, are being invested, telecommunication system has been installed in the uplands.

The district government has advertised the local tourism potential, especially attractive destinations like Nine storey waterfall, Misty waterfall to attract investment; completed the restoration of the traditional weaving village in La Da; founded two gong dance teams in Dong Giang commune and La Da commune, two Cham performance teams in Lam Giang hamlet – Ham Tri commune and in hamlet 3 - Ma Lam townlet.

In addition, the village of flowers and ornamental plants is restored in Ham Hiep commune, safe vegetable growing areas are expanded in Ham Hiep, Ham Thang commune and Phu Long townlet, the model of wild boar farming in upland communes and of “Dong” farming (“Dong” is reptiles that live mostly in desert and sand hills) in communes of Ham Duc, Hong Son, Hong Liem are multiplied… to create more cultural, recreative and culinary products for visitors.

How to develop?
Local cadres and people realize that tourism will put a new face on this land, bring new chances for local economic and social development, create more jobs and increase income for local residents. Therefore, the locals are willing to take part in tourism sector and hope for more attention from Party and the government to promptly complete the tourism plan, invest in infrastructure as well as create favorable conditions for tourism development.
Translated by Thuy Tram – Hong Anh
Source: baobinhthuan.com.vn
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