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Top urban attractions of Phan Thiet city - (12/02/2015)

( Phan Thiet, the pride of Binh Thuan tourism, attracts holidaymakers with its moderate coastal climate, delicious seafood, exciting sea sports, beautiful landscapes, friendly people and last but not least, fascinating attractions. There are many historical, cultural and architectural attractions in inner Phan Thiet. Let us make a tour around the city and see what it’s got.

Doi Duong Beach

           Doi Duong beach

As a coastal city, Phan Thiet has a long coastline with many beautiful beaches. Among them, Doi Duong beach is the one that lies by the city center. It is connected closely with the contruction and development of this city as well as with lives of local people. Ranges of casuarina trees and sounds of sea waves make Doi Duong beach an ideal place for stroll in the early morning or in the afternoon. Everydays, many locals and tourists come here to enjoy relaxed moments with endless waves or to frolic with the blue cool water to the point of satiety. Furthermore, luxury hotels with modern conveniences and entertainment services are situated just a few step from the beach, ready to please all their guests.

           Phan Thiet water tower

Phan Thiet water tower

Phan Thiet water tower was built from 1928 to 1934 to supply water for residents of the city. It was designed by Lao Prince Souphanouvong, who became president of Laos later. The tower is not only a unique architectural work but also an evidence for friendship between Laos and Vietnam.

It would be a big shortcoming if you come to Phan Thiet but do not take any picture of you and the tower, which has become the symbol of this city nowadays.

            Duc Thanh school and Ho Chi Minh Museum, Binh Thuan branch

Duc Thanh school; Photo: Nguyen Vu

Duc Thanh school is the place where the young patriot Nguyen Tat Thanh (later known as Ho Chi Minh) worked as a teacher in 1910 before he left to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City later) and then went abroad to find out the ways to save our country. Though this over-one-hundred year school does not remain intact, there are still so many items that remind us about the great leader of Vietnam. Duc Thanh school was officially recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as a historical and cultural Vestige on April 12th 1986.

Next to Duc Thanh school is the building of Ho Chi Minh Museum, Binh Thuan branch, where exhibit items about life and career of president Ho Chi Minh. This museum has a staff of professional guides, who are willing to help you to know more about items displaying in the museum as well as about the Duc Thanh school.

           Van Thuy Tu temple

Van Thuy Tu, the most famous whale temple of Binh Thuan, is situated in Ngu Ong St., Duc Thang ward, Phan Thiet city. This temple was built by fishermen to worship their Ca Ong (Lord Whale) – the God of Nam Hai. Van Thuy Tu is not only the largest but also the oldest whale temple in Binh Thuan as it was finished in 1762 after years of building.

The Vietnam's largest whale skeleton in Van Thuy Tu temple

Apart from more than one hundred whale skeletons, many valuable documents and artifacts are preserved here, such as the antique bronze bell, terracotta statues, incense-table, horizontal lacquered board… and 24 decrees bestowed on by the Nguyen dynasty.

However, the most attractive thing to tourists in Van Thuy Tu is the largest whale skeleton in Vietnam and South-east Asia, which is 22 meters long. It is said that the whale weighted over 65 tons when “he” was alive.

            Phat Quang Pagoda

Phat Quang Pagoda 

Phat Quang Pagoda; Phat Quang pagoda is located in Tran Quang Khai street, Hung Long ward, Phan Thiet city. Built in 18th century, it is the oldest pagoda in Phan Thiet city. This pagoda is famous not only for beautiful architecture but also for achiving many records. In 2006, Phat Quang pagoda broke the record for biggest bell in Vietnam. In 2007, Vietkings Record Company acknowledged Phat Quang as having the country’s biggest wooden bell. However, the most remarkable record of Phat Quang Pagoda is the precious and most ancient prayer-book in Vietnam made from 118 Thi Huyet wood pieces with 600,000 words and many images of the preaching Buddha. 

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