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To welcome Kate festival at Cham Cultural Exhibition Centre - (23/08/2018)

( To welcome Kate festival 2018, Cham Cultural Exhibition Centre in Bac Binh district will organize many Cham folk cultural activities in order to serve the locals and visitors.
(Exhibit room; photo: Nguyen Vu)
With the meaning of welcoming the 23rd anniversary of Binh Thuan tourism, welcoming Kate festival as well as promoting and introducing tangible and intangible cultural heritages of Cham people to visitors and researchers in Viet Nam and the world. Cham Cultural Exhibition Centre is planning to organize many interesting activities on October, 10th (July, 2nd in Cham calendar) such as: arranging the original exhibits and other exhibits given by collectors; receiving exhibits of the collectors like Nguyen Ngoc An, Nguyen Van May, Dinh Cong Tuong, Dao Phan Ngo. At the same time, the centre will invite Mr. Kadhar to perform worship’s rituals at the central chamber and sing hymns which mean to pray for a favorable weather, bumper crop, peaceful village.
Besides, at the precinct of the Cham Culture Exhibition Center, there will be a folk art show entitled "Kate Festival 2018" and folk cultural competitions such as:  playing Saranai (a kind of Cham musical instrument), Folk Dancing Competition, making gingerbread, the traditional Cham writing and so on. In which, Candidates participating in folk dances and visitors will have chances to perform traditional Cham dances such as Biyen, Chron and Balaiy… Those dances are played with Cham musical instruments.
(Traditional weaving; photo: Nguyen Vu)
On this occasion, visitors also have the opportunities to see and learn two traditional crafts of the Cham people; those are weaving and making pottery. Famous artisans will both perform and guide the visitors how to weave and make pottery. In addition, there will be a display of souvenirs and exhibits of Cham culture in Ninh Thuan.
Coming to Bac Binh for the Kate Festival in 2018, visitors are not only satisfied with the many traditional cultural activities, but see the relics of P Klaong Manai temple (17th century) and contemplate the collection of Cham royal family at Tinh My village, Phan Thanh commune. For those who love Cham culture can visit and enjoy folk cultural activities at Binh Thuan Culture Exhibition Center - Song Mao T- junction, Phan Hiep commune, Bac Binh district.
Nguyen Vu
Translated by Van thao


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