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The sea and island charm of Binh Thuan province - (28/11/2018) The sea and islands of Binh Thuan are not only bewitching and picturesque with “Blue sea, white sand and yellow sunshine”, but also own many enjoyable things to beckon tourists all over the places to come and experience.
(Phu Quy Island; photo: Nguyen Vu)
Binh Thuan has many islands, many of them are very gorgeous and fascinating to tourists like: Cu Lao Cau, Hon Ba, Hon Nghe, Hon Tranh and Phu Quy. Cu Lao Cau has the shape looks like a lying alligator, has many wonderful beaches. The island has various types of coral reefs and fishes, among them are very rare and special. Phu Quy island is also known as “Cu Lao Thu”, it is a population of 10 islands with the wholesome climate. It has very clean seawater, a variety of coral reefs and cultural-historical sites. Hon Tranh is about 3 nautical miles away from Phu Phu island to the Southeast and has many alluring beaches such as Vung Gam, Vung Ban, Vung Phat… Formed by the volcanic lava, Hon Tranh owns its mysterious caves with many odd rocky shapes which are attracting many tourists to come and explore the landscapes there.
(A tourist exploring and enjoying the island of Binh Thuan province)

With the coastline of 200 Km and a warm climate all year round, Binh Thuan has many beautiful and poetic beaches like: Binh Thanh, Hoa Thang, Mui Ne, Ham Tien, Ong Dia rocky beach, Doi Duong, Tien Thanh, Thuan Quy, Cam Binh…. Binh Thuan’s sea also waves tourists to come and experience with many exciting beach sports like: Conquering flying sand dune, flying in the yellow sunshine by hang gliding, exciting windsurfing et cetera. If in the past, Binh Thuan was attracting by its beauty of sea, sun and wind; At present, it bewitches tourist’s hearts by hundreds of green resorts near by the sea with different styles of architectures.
(Fascinating sea and islands of Binh Thuan)

The sea and islands of Binh Thuan also attract tourists by the very delicious dishes cooked from the fresh and nutritious source of seafood, namely spanner crab, lobster, blood cockle, scallop, oyster, melo melo, one-sun-dried squid, grouper, herring… The people and sea culture are the other attracting things. The people are very open, generous, friendly and hospital to the tourists. Their life is stick to the typical culture with many traditional festivals like Nghing Ong festival, Dinh Thay Thim festival, Cau Ngu festival, Mid-Autumn festival, Kate festival of ethnic Cham people…
Cu Lao Cau is always attracting with the collection of marine creatures of national sea reserve, and Phu Quy is planned to become provincial-level tourist area and soon becomes national tourist site in the near future. Come to Binh Thuan to see the subtlety of nature in building sea scenery, creating a real resting heaven of Vietnam; there are a lot of potential features that are waiting for tourists to come and experience.
 Nguyen Vu
Translated by Van Thao


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