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The particular benefits of dragon fruit - (27/03/2015)

( Dragon fruit is at once delicious and nutritious. The nutritional value of dragon fruit is quite high and dragon fruit is even considered as “supper food”.
On average, a dragon fruit contain about 60 units calories, 60mg sodium, 8g sugar and 1g fiber. Unlike other fruits, aside from the above nutrients, dragon fruit also contains 2 grams of saturated fat and 2 grams of protein. Most of the fat content and protein are found in the black tiny seeds of dragon fruit.
Dragon fruit is a “supper food”
Benefits of dragon fruits
Dragon fruit has a remarkable content of vitamin C, carotin, calcium, some kind of vitamin B, a number of nutrients and other antioxidants. These nutrients will help the digestive system of our body to operate better, giving you a healthy immune system and plenty of energies. In addition, eating dragon fruit is good for your skin and eyesight.
For those who are trying to increase the amount of fiber in your daily food ration, dragon fruit could be a great alternative. The soluble fibers in dragon fruit can help people lose weight, reduce blood sugar levels, nourish the intestines and prevent colorectal cancer.
Eat dragon fruit can improve human health. Therefore, in daily diet we should increase the amount of dragon fruit to fully absorb fibers, reduce cholesterol, control weight and eliminate toxins effectively.
Dragon fruit is filled with antioxidants, which help protect your cells from the attack of free radicals, reduce aging speed and even prevent cancer.
The amount of anthocyanin in dragon fruit is very high. Anthocyanin is a kind of antioxidants. It help prevent atherosclerosis, heart diseases and celebral apoplexy. At the same time,  anthocyanin can resist free radicals to delay aging process of human body. Moreover, it can also prevent the formation of amnesia occurring in old age.
Vitamin C
Dragon fruit is a wonderful source of vitamin C. Vitamin plays an important part in assisting the immune system and even help us get well sooner and reduce the seriousness of normal cold.
In addition, vitamin C in dragon fruit can beautify our skin. Hence, we should add dragon fruit into our daily diet.
The amount of iron in dragon fruit is high, too. Iron is a necessary material to produce hemoglobin in human body. We can add enough iron to prevent anaemia by eating dragon fruit.
Vegetarian protein in dragon fruit could be possitively intergrated with heavy metal in human body to eradicate toxins. In addition, vegetarian protein plays an important role in protecting the stomach wall.
Fats and Cholesterol
Dragon fruit has many edible small seeds which contain some fats. Since these black tiny seeds are so small and numerous, they’re difficult to be eliminated and you may feel strained having this intention. Most fats that are found in dragon fruit are unsaturated, which are usually considerated as one kind of wholesome fats and good for health.
While many people who are finding ways to reduce cholesterol have paid attention to seeds and green vegetables, dragon fruit can be a good choice to add to your healthy diet and you will never have to worry about the influences of cholesterol.

By Pham Minh
Translated by Hong Anh
(Source: Binhthuantoday)



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