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The medical properties of 8 daily spices - (04/04/2020)

( Everyday, we often use different kinds of spices for cooking like ginger, garlic, pepper.. These spices not only make the food more delicious, but also prevent many diseases and detoxify the body effectively.
Drink a cup of warm lemonade everyday to help detoxify liver effectively

Coriandrum sativum
This spice can help detoxify mercury out of the body. This heavy metal is contained in seafood, water spinach. If this metal agglomerates enough in the body, it can cause tiredness and other digestive problems.
Chilli pepper
Chilli pepper is considered as the leading spice in toxic emergency. The hot spices stimulate the digestive system and increase peristalsis, help increase nutrient absorption and eliminate unimportant substances. Thus, It is used very commonly for the strict regimen, it can help the body detoxify and loose weight effectively.
Ginger helps stimulate the digestive system and blood circulation. In addition, it also helps small and large intestines eliminate the harmful substances. So, often adding some slices of ginger to the dish is a good way to the body. Especially, you can add ginger to a cup of hot  tea to drink everyday.
Turmeric powder
It is an spice that can detoxify the liver effectively, especially for whose who often drink beer. Turmeric supports liver to filter blood and enhance the digestion.
Cinnamon not only helps our mind relax, but also can treat some diseases like bad cold. Apart from the cinnamon oil, its powder can be used in the dessert.
Garlic is a sulphur-rich spice, it can help eliminate the toxic in our body and enhance the resistance.
Lemon is rich in vitamin C, it is good for health. Drinking lemonade often will be very good for liver, we can add some honey into a cup of lemonade to increase more the effectiveness.
Onion contains Flavonoid, it helps produce glutathione – one of antioxidants for liver. It stimulates liver to create many enzymes to eliminate the toxic out of the digestion. In addition, it can also increase our immune system.
According to ANTĐ.vn
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