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The glow of dawn on Phu Quy Island – a fascinating beauty - (21/08/2019)

( Phu Quy (Binh Thuan province) is an island which consists of 10 small and big islands, Phan Quy is endowed with many poetic and majestic landscapes by the nature.
The warm sunlight is shining in the early morning on the island, it make every things become exotic and fascinate tourist’s hearts.
 (National flagpole on the island in the distance)

The early morning on the island is extremely magnificent and peaceful

The morning sunlight from the East sea is shining on the weird bergs of rocks. Coming here,  you are freely to selfie without feeling uncomfortable from the eyes of people.
The grey waves are hitting the rock, tourists will have a feeling that they are standing in the never land.
The early morning at Trieu Duong gulf, the water is pure and clear, the air is fresh and quiet.

The early morning is also the busiest time at Phu Quy harbor where the ships flock to come back after a working night in the sea
Landscapes from Cao Cat Mountain, the cliff with the green of grass is stretching forward to the edge of sea.

Coming here, you’re totally free to integration into the fresh air and enjoy the quite life. It is really different from the atmosphere of bustle and hustle of the city.
To enjoy and feel the spectacular scenery endowed by nature
Coming to pristine Phu Quy, you not only contemplate the scenery but also enjoy the blue-sea water and feel the hospitality of the local people here.

On the peak of Cao Cat Mountain, there is a statue of the Bodhisattva overlooking the East Sea, many people come to pray for good things for their loved ones.
Every angle on the island is so gorgeous. There is no smoke and noise but the singing of bird, the whisper of green grass and sea breeze. Those things seem to pull the steps of tourists all over the places.
Vinh Quang (According to VOV- TP HCM)
Translated by Van Thao


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