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The campaign to prevent the drowning accidents - (30/09/2019)

( Deputy Director of Binh Thuan Department of culture, sports and tourism has just singed the plan to host the campaign on preventing the drowning accidents among the people. This is the one implemented under the plan No 3370/KH-UBND dated on September 9th, 2019 by Binh Thuan provincial people’s committee about the safety for people and tourists at the swimming pools, beaches in the province.
(Photo: Nguyen Vu)

The campaign will occur on the morning of September 30th, 2019 at Ong Dia rocky zone, Phan Thiet city. The meaning of this event is to bring into play the roles of the sectors, local units, travel enterprises, schools and community in the province to join hand and take part in the campaign at swimming pools, beaches in order to decrease the drowning accidents for people and tourists.
In addition, this event is promoting propaganda, mobilizing the entire population, tourism business community, services and tourists to respond, raise awareness and a sense of responsibility in preventing drowning accidents due to lack of knowledge about the swimming.
Taking in part in this event, there are nearly 400 persons who are leaders of sectors, relevant units, tourism association, management boards of tourist, the youth, students, locals… in Binh Thuan province. I addition there are also more than 150 guests of TC Motor- the main supporter for this one.
According to the plan, the campaign includes the contents: statement of leader and supporter; presenting rescue equipment to the localities where have beaches; installing the warning boards, regulations… at Ong Dia rocky beach and public beaches. Besides, there are also the ribbons with slogans ‘the entire people to respond to the drowning prevention’; ‘obeying the regulations at the swimming pools, public beaches to protect yourself and your family’.
Nguyen Vu
Translated by Van Thao


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