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Steamed Grouper in Phan Thiet City - (20/05/2016)

( White, soft, as delicious as chicken and has no fishy smell like other fishes, “ca mu” – grouper is suitable to be cooked by steaming.

(Steamed grouper; Photo: Nguyen Vu)

The family of grouper, whose science name is Serranidae, includes Red Grouper, Black Grouper, Tiger Grouper, etc. These saltwater fishes live in coral reef water in the sea of South Central region and southern provinces. In Binh Thuan, they live or are raised in pens and cages along the sea of Phan Thiet city and Phu Quy island. Local fishermen said that although the fish’s shape is ugly, all parts of it can be used to cook delicious dishes, and the best dishes among them is the steamed one.
To get steamed with freshness, nutrients and special flavor, locals in Phan Thiet usually steam grouper with scallions and ginger. A chef of a seafood restaurant in Pham Van Dong street instructed how he creates the special flavor of Phan Thiet’s cuisine on steamed grouper as follow: First, you should buy fresh grouper, clean it and remove its gills, bile, gut; After that, marinate the fish with Vietnamese rice wine, salt, pepper, garlic and minced ginger; Next, put the fish on a dish, add spices, minced chili, scallion, julienned pork, mushroom, oyster soy sauce and steamed it all. To keep the taste of the fish, turn off the heat as soon as it’s done to a turn. Steamed grouper is usually served with a special sauce made of fish sauce, sugar, lime, minced garlic and chili.

(Marinated grouper)

Steamed grouper with crispy greasy skin, white fish flesh and fragrant smell will make you want to eat more and more. Besides, the red color of fish skin is also a special feature of this dish. Along with sour soup with grouper, many restaurants in Phan Thiet consider steamed grouper to be a pricey course in their menus.
Grouper steamed with scallions and ginger is a popular dish in the family party of locals and is often used to entertain their close friends. If you have chance to travel to coastal Phan Thiet city, you should once enjoy this delicious dish.
Nguyen Vu
Translated by Thuy Tram – Hong Anh


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