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Special fish cake in coastal Phan Thiet city - (08/06/2016)

( There are many dishes made from saltwater fishes, the most popular dish among them is Phan thiet fish cake. At the end of their trips, tourists often go to Phan Thiet Market to buy local fish cake for relatives and friends.

(Steamed fish cake, Photo: Nguyen Vu)

There are a lot of fishes that can be used to make fish cake, but local people usually choose mackerel, barracuda, macrochirichthys macrochirus, etc to create special taste for their fish cake. Phan Thiet’s fish cake has two types: steamed fish cake and fried fish cake. The fried fish cake is fat, fragrant and scrumptious while steamed fish cake is sweet and tasty
It’s not too hard to make fish cake and all housewifes in the coastal provinces know how to make it. Besides choosing fresh fish, you will need  time and patience. Because the more you grind it, the more delicious, the fish meat is brayed again and again. According to cookes who are experienced in making fish cakes are made in Phan Thiet market, the best taste fish cake made from mackerel.
Here is the simplest way to make fish cake: clean fish, remove all the fishbones, add chopped onion, pepper, suggar, salt into fish meat. Then bray the fish meat again and again. If you make the fried fish cake, just shape the fish meat into round flat cakes and fry them in hot oil. If you make the steamed fish cake, you have to add some pock lard, cat’s ear mushroom, pepper, scallion, then add some eggs onto it before you steam it.

(Photo: Nguyen Vu)

Local people usually enjoy the fish cake with chili lime fish sauce. The hot taste of chili, saltiness of Phan Thiet’s fish sauce contribute to make the delicious dish. Some local housewifes create a new dish from the fish cake: fish cake cooked with sauce and pepper. It’s suitable to eat with steamed rice. the fish cake is also the main  material  of “Banh Canh Cha Ca”, “Bun Mam Nem”, etc. Furthermore, sometime the “Banh Hoi Long Heo” is served with the steamed fish cake. the rice paper roll with tiny rice noodle, slices of fish cake, fresh vegetables, pig's internal organs is a delectable dish that can not be found in anywhere else.
The fish cake appears in all most coastal provinces, but the fish cake in Phan Thiet city is valued as the most delicious and tasty. You can enjoy the fish cake or buy it for family and friends at Phan Thiet market or famous as “Banh Canh Cha Ca” stalls in Kim Dong street, Thu Khoa Huan street, Tran Hung Dao street, etc.
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