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Simple reasons that make Mui Ne Flying Sand Dunes a perfect destination for sand-boarding - (18/08/2015)

( In Mui Ne - the “resort paradise” of Vietnam, the land of green rows of coconuts trees, yellow sunshine, “huge” winding sand dunes mixing with fresh sea waves, beautiful beaches, modern luxury resorts by the sea and peaceful fishing villages, you and your family would have great moments together.

Recently, website has included Mui Ne Flying Sand Dunes in the list of world’s best destinations for sand-boarding, which also honors sand-boarding destinations in Peru, Japan, Australia, Nicaragua, Chile, Dubai, Namibia, etc. There are many reasons that make Mui Ne Flying Sand Dunes one of the best destinations for sand-boarding in the world and the following are some of them:
It takes only 30 minutes from Phan Thiet city to the sand dunes of Mui Ne and about 30 minutes from Mui Ne to Bau Trang (White sand dunes).
There are two ways to get to the sand dunes of Mui Ne, one is an advantageous avenue running through the imposing sand desert and another runs along the beach, passing by famous tourist destinations like Ong Dia rock beach, Western town of Ham Tien,  Fairy Stream, Mui Ne fishing village.
Free entrance ticket to the sand dunes; parking fee for a motorcycle is just around 5000VND and with only 20,000VND you can hire a plastic board with no time limit. Besides, there are restaurants, kiosks with foods and drinks, gift shops.
The scenery here is wonderful with sea on one side and green forest on the other side. With high dunes, continuous sloping hills of thick and smooth sand, Mui Ne Flying Sand Dunes is an extremely ideal place for sand-boarding.
The sand here has many different colors, such as red, pink, ivory, yellow, white, gray, black… and this place has been recognized by Viet Nam Book of Records as the sand dunes that change their shapes the most in Viet Nam.
The local people are very friendly and willing to help visitors.
This place is very popular with both domestic and foreign visitors.
The weather condition here is favourable for outdoor activities. This is also one of the first places to see the sun rise in Phan Thiet.
Mui Ne Flying Sand Dunes is an ideal place for both professional and semi-professionals photographers to create stunning images, many of those have won awards at home and abroad.
The sand dunes of Mui Ne was among the best places in the world to view the total solar eclipse ocurred 20 years ago (24th Oct 1995).
Come to Mui Ne Flying Sand Dunes, you can show your impressive sliding skills to friends and family. Don’t worry if you don't know how to slide on sand because you will be carefully guided by “professional” coaches, who are little boys and girls that have plastic boards for rent. In a tick, you will become professional athletes who can slide fast and beautifully on high sand slopes. You can slide alone, with a friend or even in group. If you brave enough, you can stand up on your sliding board like a real professional athlete.
Why does rank Mui Ne Flying sand dunes as one of the most ideal places for sand sliding in the world? Come and find your own answers in the paradise of resorts - Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan.
Duy Quang


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