Commemorate the Vietnam's Reunification Day (30/4) and International Labor Day (1/5)

Rich and special dishes from the coastal region at the Binh Thuan’s food space - (17/10/2018) One of the attractive events in the activity series to commemorate 23 years of Binh Thuan tourism day (October 24th, 1995 – October 24th, 2018) is the “Food space – Specialities of Binh Thuan” which will be taken place from October, 20th to October 23, 2018 at Nguyen Tat Thanh Square, Phan Thiet city

(Cuttlefish with dragon fruit’s sauce; photo: Nguyen Vu)
Binh Thuan’s food space attracted 22 units, enterprises with 23 stalls to display, promote and process the typical dishes of localities in the province as so to serve the needs of domestic and foreign tourists when coming to Binh Thuan province for sightseeing and relaxation.
(Dragon fruit’s salad; photo: Nguyen Vu)
The food space of Binh Thuan will introduce, promote many specialities which bring the assertive flavors of different areas like Bac Binh district, Tuy Phong district, Duc Linh district, Tanh Linh district, Ham Thuan Nam district…or  special foods of the luxurious resort, hotels in Phan Thiet city such as: Sea Links City, Ocean Dunes Resort, Pearl Resort, Sea hosre Resort, Little Muin Ne Resort, the Sailing Bay Resort, Sai Gon Mui Ne Resort, TTC hotel, Ca Ty hotel, Cay Bang restaurant… or the drink for beauty and health ( Dragon fruit juice is one of them) from S Fitness, dishes from the Mekong delta region of Tay Do culinary school.
(Food contest; photo: Nguyen Vu)
Celebrating the Binh Thuan’s food space also brings the meaning of advertising the food culture which is diversified, unique and assertive from the coastal region of Binh Thuan province to the public and international tourists. This one is not only the event to welcome the 23rd anniversary of Binh Thuan tourism day and 120 years of Phan Thiet which was recognized as the city, it also create a typical tourism product to lure tourists.
(The jury scores the dishes; photo: Nguyen Vu)
Through the activities like Binh Thuan’s special food contest; food space which is to display, introduce and serve local dishes; The space to promote and advertise dragon fruit – a special fruit of Binh Thuan to the tourists, whereby the locality can start the “dragon fruit festival 2019”. In addition, this food event is still the playground, a chance for the localities, tourism enterprises, hotels and restaurants inside and outside the province to exchange, share their experiences in conserving, developing and promoting culinary art of Vietnam in general and Binh Thuan in particular.

(Photo: Nguyen Vu)

Beside that, the stalls which are to introduce and serve special dishes also lure locals and tourists with the unique design of the main entrance; the area for displaying big lanterns of the Mid-Autumn festival 2018; art performance in every night like: singing, dancing, street music, Don Ca Tai Tu – A traditional music type; Aerobics; the performance of the music band from Vietnam and the Philippines. More over, there will also have the opening and closing ceremonies and the Binh Thuan’s special food contest.
Nguyen Vu
Translated by Van Thao


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