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Phan Thiet’s sea crab hot pot - (11/07/2019)

One of the delicious seafood dishes that tourist have chosen recently when coming to Phan Thiet city is the sea crab hot pot.

(Photo: Nguyen Vu)
This dish is made of sea crab from Phan Thiet’s sea Water. Although sea crab is a type of seafood that grows almost year-round and is quite common throughout the sea waters of Vietnam, with waters that are suitable for the habitat of sea crab like the salinity is 25-31 ‰, water depth is 4 – 10 meters with sandy bottom (or muddy sand) and many dead corals, Phan Thiet sea crab is considered the most delicious.
Besides enjoying simple sea crab dishes such as grilled, boiled, steamed.., Phan Thiet people also make other dishes such as sea crab porridge and especially the sea crab hotpot. According to the chefs of some seafood restaurants in Phan Thiet, the sea crab hot pot is easy to cook. The most importance is you need to know how to choose the best sea crabs and then split them into two pieces. The sea crabs are cooked with the ingredients like garlic, green pepper, red onion, tomato and seasoned with fish sauce, sugar…
(Enjoying the sea crab hot pot; photo: Nguyen Vu)

Mr. Nguyen Minh Hung, a chef who uses to work at a fisherman said that: “To choose a sea crab to cook the hot pot, you must select the fresh one and having a lot of meats. Especially, the sea crab meat will be perfect in the beginning or the ending of the lunar months. You should not select the very big or small ones, because the quality of meat will be not good”.
When enjoying the hot pot, you should to put the broth pot on the stove, when the broth inside the pot gradually starts to boil, we will put all the herbs like mushroom, indian spinach, cabbage… and then, the hot dish is ready to use with the rice vermicelli. The smell and the flavour of the dish are extremely awesome.
The sea crab hot pot is available at many restaurants in the Phan Thiet city with the price from VND 300.000 to VND 700.000 per hot pot. If having a chance to visit Phan Thiet city, do not forget to enjoy this dish!
Nguyen Vu
Translated by Van Thao


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