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Phan Thiet was colorful with the Acacica auriculiformis’s flowers - (27/02/2019)

( - Phan Thiet was well-known by the blue sea, white sand and yellow sunshine for so long. However, not many people know that, on the first days of the New Year, the city had a very different color. It was the yellow of acacia auriculiformis forest which was prominent on the wide range of the white sand dunes.
(Photo: Hoai Phuong)
On these days, the spring atmosphere been sluggish, if you had the opportunity to go along Vo Nguyen Giap Street (706B), or the road routes of Mui Ne - Bau Trang and Hoa Thang - Hoa Phu, tourists would have easily seen the acacia auriculiformis forest blooming, it make bright large space of the beautiful coastal city. Acacias was not too high, having small flowers, but each tree has thousands of colorful petals. Those trees were enough to fascinate pedestrians who ever stopped by.
(Photo: Hoai Phuong)
Not only having the brilliant flowers, but acacia auriculiformis is also a drought-resistant plant and always grows in front of the sun and sea breeze of Phan Thiet city. Therefore, it is not surprising that the roads which were full of golden and glamorous flowers in Phan Thiet city quickly became the new address of not only the local youth and tourists, but also the happy couples and the professional photographers.
(Photo: Hoai Phuong)
Do not hesitate to come to Phan Thiet to experience the blooming acacia auriculformis, you guys would have an unforgetable and memorable experiences with your trips !
(Photo: Hoa Phuong)
Hoai Phuong
Translated by Van Thao


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