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Orange street food and drink truck to become a check-in place for the young people when travelling to Bau Trang (or White Lake) - (13/06/2019)

( The truck which is prominent with the orange color between the white sand dunes in Bau Trang (Binh Thuan province) is one of the main factors to make you have an attracting photo.

Bau Trang is an interesting place for the young tourists when travelling to Phan Thiet. Recently, this area has still attracted tourists by the strange and unique beauty of the orange food and drink truck. Your pictures are very striking when taking photo with the truck. You will feel that the pictures are taken in the western countries. Photo: Thang.nguyentu. 
In the immense space of the pure white sand dunes, the truck appears really strikingly and attractively. This truck is selling food and drink along the road to Bau Trang, you can buy a take away coffee or spend your time enjoying a fresh cup of water and snack. Photo:,  bong.vimie. 

Being appreciated by many young people as an interesting business model, a version of the food and drink trucks of Texas (America) making many tourists curious and excited. Photo: Hieu.ricky, nduy.155. 

Coming here, you can enjoy coconut juice, soft drinks, peach tea and many snacks at reasonable prices. In addition, standing next to this unique truck, you can also create many beautiful photos. You just wear a cooling outfit as well as a standard camera angles; you will definitely have beautiful photos.

Photo:Chonqhius, t.tran__, mee.bongg, iam.nhinguyen.
Coming to Bau Trang, apart from the orange food and drink truck, the jeeps which have different colors are super ideal for the young people to check in and take some photos. This is also the interesting service that many tourists chose to experience the sand hills in Bau Trang. Photo: Mintjrp, cha_js, trangchur.9, quynhnhu.249. 

To discover the magical beauty of this little Sahara desert, those who love thrilling feeling can rent a terrain vehicle to experience. Each rental car has a price of 350.000-400.000 VND / car / 20 minutes. Sitting on the car, crossing the white sand under the intense sunlight of the Central will bring you many new feelings. Photo:Nhnlinh.moc, havu.711. 
With the landscape like the western countries and standing in the picture frame, you have created countless images of virtual photos. This summer, if you come to Phan Thiet, you must visit this check-in paradise.
Photo: Nnqn25, vydominh. 
Thanh Thuy (According to Zing)
Translated by Van Thao


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