Phu Quy Island

March – the best time to visit Phu Quy island - (01/03/2017)

( Vietnamese coastal residents have a folk saying that goes: in March’s winds, even an old woman can go out into the ocean; meaning that in March the weather is so quiet and the sea is so calm. Therefore, March is the best time to go exploring sea and islands in Vietnam, including Phu Quy island of Binh Thuan province.
(Diving in Phu Quy island; Photo: Duy Quang)
Situated 120 km far from Phan Thiet city, about 4 hours travelling by ship, Phu Quy owns emerald sea water, fine pristine beaches and long white sand banks, which can be found everywhere in the island, in Hon Den (Black islet), Trieu Duong bay, Nho (Small) beach, etc.
Phu Quy island also has famous spiritual sites like the shrine worshipping Ban Tranh princess, An Thanh temple – where houses many whale and dolphin skeletons, Linh Quang pagoda, Cao Cat mountain, the lighthouse on Cam mountain.
In Phu Quy, tourists can visit rafts where fishes, crabs, lobsters and sea snails are farmed and enjoy these fresh delicious seafood. Besides, Phu Quy is a good place for seasports like kitesurfing and windsurfing.
(Tourists in Phu Quy island; Photo: Duy Quang)

(Phu Quy island; Photo: Duy Quang)

According to information from Division of Culture and Information of Phu Quy island, in 2016 the island has welcomed more than 7.000 tourists. In 2016 and the first 2 months of 2017, tourist assistance hotlines of Binh Thuan Tourism Promotion Information Center have received 42 calls from tourists, including 20 calls from foreign travellers, who need information for their trips to the island. International tourists who want to spends their vacation in the island can contact the Division of Immigrant (Binh Thuan’s Public Security Department) to register before booking ship tickets to the island and vice versa at Phan Thiet Port (0623.817.585) and Phu Quy Port (0623.506.374).
Duy Quang
Translated by Hong Anh


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