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Impressive of Mui Ne Flying Sand Dunes - (31/07/2015)

( The Mui Ne Flying Sand Dunes located in about 20 km from Phan Thiet. The Dunes are secularly formed, stretching over a huge area of approximately 50 hectares. The sand here has a lot of colors, mainly: yellow, ivory white, dark red, light red, etc. nicely mixed together.  

It is seen as a one of a kind romantic desert that the Vietnam Record Book Center recorded. The name of Flying Sand Dunes is derived from some reasons, the main color of the dune is yellow, it was created by the secular iron mine which had been existing since over hundred years, and the shape of the Flying Sand Dunes is changing by hours, by days, by months with no specific shape. The creation of hundred shapes of the sand dunes is because of the erosion and blowing the fragile sand layer by the wind, creates many attractive geographical shapes, attracting many visitors to explore the nature.
The shape at this moment may not be repeated on the next day. After each strong winds, or rains, the dune layer will appear many beautiful wavy sculptures with many different shapes and colors. That is the most popular sand game here “sliding sand game”, visitors use a carbon pad that leased by the local children at a price of 20.000 VND. The visitors can slide down from the very high dunes. The higher the slope of the dunes, the more exciting it can bring to visitors. From the dunes, we can freely slide down just like flying the air as in the myth stories.
The most suitable timetable for visiting the Sand Dunes is in the morning – 5 o’clock. The visitors should take the trip from 5 to 8 o’clock or 16 to 18 o’clock because the sand is at normal temperature at those times; in noon time, the sand is very hot due to heated up by the sunlight.  
By Thien Loan


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