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Holding the Cham festival at the Cham Cultural Exhibition Center - (25/10/2021)

( - In order to welcome the 26th  anniversary of Binh Thuan Tourism Day  October 24th, 1995 – October 24th, 2021), the Cham cultural Exhibition Center (Tien Binh hamlet, Phan Hiep commune, Bac Binh district) will organize an exhibition with many meaningful objects which are related to the Cham culture.

(Photo: Nguyen Vu)
With the meaning of educating the tradition for the ethic group of Cham people in the locality to be proud of the root and having the responsibility to conserve and enhance the traditional features, the Center will open the showroom for all the locals and tourists to come and contemplate the ancient exhibits and the photos of Cham people.

(Photo; Nguyen Vu)
Beside that, the Center also invite Mr. Kadhar to do the  worship ritual of the Kate festival at the area for worshiping the God of Siva. These rituals brings the meaning of praying for the favorable weather condition, the bumper crop and the peace to the Cham people.
Nguyen Vu
Translated by Van Thao


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