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Grilled whitings with tamarind sauce - (20/08/2016)

( With sweet and fragrant flesh, whitings (known as “Duc” fish in Vietnam), can be processed into many delicious dishes. In Phan Thiet city (Binh Thuan province), grilled whitings with tamarid sauce is considered as a must-try specialty for tourists.

(Grilled whitings with tamarind sauce; Photo: Nguyen Vu)

Whitings catched in Phan Thiet are about 10-15 cm long, have nacrous light yellow scales. Their flesh are delicious with the sweetness and fat of seafood. In Vietnam, whitings are found along the coast of Central Coastal Region. In Phan Thiet, they appear in the seabed near the shore. Therefore, local fishermen can catch them with only coracles and nets or fishing rods and when whitings  are carried to comsumers, they’re still very fresh.
According to cooks of seafood restaurants in Pham Van Dong street, the most famous area to enjoy seafood in Phan Thiet city, because whitings are fresh, it’s easy to be cooked into delectable dishes that are suitable with the taste of different types of diners.
One of the simple way to cook whitings is grilling them on hot charcoal. First of all, whitings will be cleaned carefully then seasoned with salt, MSG (monosodium glutamate) and ground fresh bird's eye chili. The spices will need about 10 minutes to soak through the fish flesh. After that, just put them on the grill and turn them over regularly until they become brown yellow and smell good.
Diners often eat grilled whitings by rolling them in rice paper with lettuce, julienned cucumber, star fruit, unripe banana, basil…and dip the roll in a special sauce made of fish sauce and tamarind, which will stimulate your tast buds with sourness, pungency and sweetness.
Recently, apart from relaxing and bathing in the sea, tourists in Phan Thiet would love to enjoy their time gathering with family and friends at the beach grilling whitings on hot charcoal. Hot grilled whitings eaten with chili salt tamarind sauce are amazingly delicious .
Nguyen Vu
Translated by Hong Anh


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