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Enjoying the Japanese food in Phan Thiet - (11/10/2019)

( Recently, in Phan Thiet city (BinhThuan province), It’s appeared a unique and attractive culinary spot. It’s the ‘Hot Japanese food’ which is located on the 4th floor of Phan Thiet Lotte Mart. The food stall brings a very special style of Japan.
(The dishes are ready to serve diners; photo: Nguyen Vu)

(Japanese food; photo: Nguyen Vu)

The first attraction coming up to the eyes of dinners is the arrangement and garnishment for the dishes which are deeply colourful style of Japan. The Japanese are not only sophisticated in processing delicious dishes but also skilful in combining colours for the food. Most Japanese dishes here fascinate diners in both smell and garnishment.
(Photo: Nguyen Vu)
(Sushi Deli; photo: Nguyen Vu)
There are at least 30 Japanese dishes which are familiar with Vietnamese people in general and Phan Thiet- Binh Thuan in particular introduced and processed right at the food stall to serve diners like: SuShi, Onigiri, Maki Rolls, Sashimi, Tempura, Udon, Bento, Steamed egg. It just costs from VND 5.000 to VND 100.000 depending on each dish. Besides, diners also freely chose a combo of Sushi and Sashimi or get a voucher if shopping at Lotte Mart, ect.
(Tuna Sushi; photo: Nguyen Vu)
(Attracting Japanese food; photo: Nguyen Vu)
Sushi as well as Japanese food has become an iconic food of Japan. Although there are so any kinds of Sushi with different shapes, the all contain a quintessence of a long term Japanese’s culture. If having chance, you should go to visit and try the delicious food at ‘Hot Japanese food’ on the fourth floor of Phan Thiet Lotte Mart.  
 Nguyen Vu
Translated by Van Thao


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