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Duc Thang village temple - (21/09/2021)

( - The cultural tradition of the coastal region of Binh Thuan in general and Phan Thiet city in particular is always attached to the village temples. Duc Thang village temple is one of the typical ones in Phan Thiet city which is reserved well up to now.

(Duc Thang village temple; photo: Nguyen Vu)
Duc Thang village temple is located in Duc Thang ward, Phan Thiet city, Binh Thuan province. Located about 50m from Phan Thiet market to the Southeast direction. Duc Thang village temple architecture items are made up of folk materials, sophisticated and meticulous assembly and assembling techniques linking hundreds of wood details to create a solid frame; visual arts, wood sculpture featured in interior decoration are elaborately and harmoniously. Structure of wooden frames of architectural items from columns, trusses, horns, detatchments, beams, ect..., all using good quality timber, which are large, high and heavy; most of them are designed by the ancient artisans, the edges are only sharp, carved many images, vivid and flexible folk motifs by traditional manual techniques. the arts of creating designs and embossing on the roofs of house is shown quite elaborately and subtly; the reliefs, embossed motifs such as the two dragon paintings of phoenix, unicorn, dragon fruit, the ancient relics... are expressed harmoniously and flexible.
The main hall is the largest and most perfect folk art architecture and sculpture, shaping on the roof and inside the interior. The main hall uses 36 wooden columns arranged in 6 rows along the interior to divide into 3 compartments and 2 wings and this is the place to worship the tutelary god of the village. The village temple contains historical and cultural values, preserving many ancient Han Nom documents that fully reflect the historical background of the early pristine wilderness during the process of reclaiming, establishing villages and building 13 ordinations of the Nguyen dynasties bestowed to the tutelary god the scene of the village and a number of other deities at home.
Every year in Duc Thang village temple, there are 2 main sacrifices: the Spring sacrifice festival takes place on February 15-16, the Thu Hien festival and the lunar calendar. The annual festival at the village temple attracts a large number of locals and tourists from near and far to attend, offering incense to the village tutelary village to pray for the community to have a full and peaceful life; as well as commemorating the merits of ancestors, remembering traditions, roots and tightening solidarity of the community.
Duc Thang village temple was ranked as a national architectural and artistic monument on August 3, 1991. If you want to discover the cultural tradition of the coastal region of Phan Thiet. Duc Thang village temple is the must-visit one on your journey to explore Phan Thiet.
                                                                                                                                              Nguyen Thao


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