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Do not forget to visit Ke Ga Cape at dusk when coming to Binh Thuan - (30/04/2019)

( Regarding to Binh Thuan province, many people will immediately think about Mui Ne. But, for me, if coming here without seeing Ke Ga, it would be an incomplete trip.
(Photo: Bao Nguyen)
About 30km from Phan Thiet, Ke Ga Cape is a place that not many people choose when coming to Binh Thuan. Most people will come to Mui Ne to relax and swim. But, for those who have not much money or have an interest in traveling, Mui Ne is not an attractive place.
If you do not stay in the resorts alongside the beaches, you also will not have the opportunity to watch the sea because at the area without resort is full of restaurants and bars around. A local resident said: “f you like to swim, you can go to Ong Dia beach. Usually tourists often come there to check in and take some photos and then they will continue their trips to Bau Trang.
This is also the reason, our team decided to spend time exploring Ke Ga Cape. This place is located in Tan Thanh commune, Ham Thuan Nam district. You will be surprised to see the natural stones reaching the sea and having the shape of chicken head.
Perhaps, this is a place that no many people choose for their trips, it is still quite untouched. To Ke Ga Cape, do not miss the opportunity to visit Mui Dien which is located a few hundred meters from the shore and only take a few minutes to go by canoe. As we didn't intend to swim, so our group immediately bought canoe tickets (VND 50,000 / person) to visit the oldest lighthouse in Vietnam, designed by French engineer – Mr. Chnavat. This is also the tallest and oldest lighthouse in Southeast Asia.
(Ke Ga Cap still remains its pristine features with the strange stones; photo: Bao Nguyen)
If you want to visit the lighthouse located on Mui Dien, you should go before 5 pm. At that time, canoe just takes passengers back to the mainland.
Stepping on Mui Dien, you will immediately feel the peaceful atmosphere with the rows of ancient trees, and the porcelain fragrance in the air. Those make tourists want to breathe in their lungs.
The path to the lighthouse will make you immerse in feeling that really not know how to describe it, every your step slows down on the way up to the lighthouse. You should not miss the opportunity to keep beautiful moments and feel the fresh air; together with that is the smell of the salty sea flying in the wind that touches your heart deeply...
(You will be stunned by the gorgeous scene of the path up to lighthouse; photo: Bao Nguyen)
Inside the lighthouse, there are 183 steel spiral stairs leading to the top of the lighthouse. Construction materials are brought from France, including the sea light on top and electric generator. Currently the sea light here is operated 24 / 24h by solar energy.
Just go to visit and then return, but we are keeping taking pictures and don not know it’s the sunset time so we decided to stay and watch the sunset. Standing at the foot of the lighthouse, watching the sea, looking up the clouds and the sun gradually turning red, you will feel the decision to Ke Ga Cape in the journey to discover Binh Thuan is truly smart.
(The sunset at Ke Ga lighthouse; photo: Bao Nguyen)
You will want to keep the moment that the sun slowly goes down the sea and feeling the sunlight is fading. Although watching the sunset many places( both at home and abroad) , it feels like standing face to face and looking directly at the sun in this place is wonderful, it makes you feel like you're floating in the clouds…
Those who like to take photos will definitely love Mui Ke Ga, because any corner of this place can bring you a magic photo.
Let’s see some pictures of Ke Ga Cape:
(The lighthouse was built in 1900; photo: Bao Nguyen)
(Photo: Bao Nguyen)
(Photo: Bao Nguyen)

(Taking photo at the large stone; photo: P.T)
Bao Nguyen (According to phunuvietnam)
Translated by Van Thao


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