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Discovering the new land “Phu Quy island – the raw pearl” of Binh Thuan province - (30/04/2019)

( If you want to find a place where there are beautiful scenery, blue sea, white sand, you definitely can not ignore Phu Quy island  - the raw pearl” of Binh Thuan.

Phu Quy island has the pristine and beautiful scenery, but tourism here is not very busy. This is the place for young people to discover in summer.
Linh Son Pagoda – Cao Cat Mountain
Being one of the old and beautiful pagodas located on the majestic Cao Cat Mountain. To get to this place, visitors will have to go up a fairly high slope and climb a few dozen stairs. After having overcome all, visitors will surly contemplate the spectacular landscape of the whole island. In addition, Cao Cat Mountain is called the “sacred mountain” by the island people because of the Guan Yin statue located right on the top of the mountain. With charming scenery, visitors will have the opportunity to see and check out the marvels left by the volcanic wind and lava.
(Photo: Zing)

Located on Cam Mountain (or Forbidden Mountain) with a height of 108m above sea level, Phu Quy lighthouse area includes two works, the Lighthouse and the Uncle Ho’s torch. Wanting to conquer the Lighthouse, visitors must walk. There are over 120 winding stairs about 200m long. From here we can take in the overall view of Phu Quy. Also we can visit Uncle Ho's torch. The building is located right under the Phu Quy Lighthouse.
(Visitors can overlook the whole Phu Quy island; photo: Zing)

The filed of wind turbines
Visitors will be delighted to check-in at field of wind turbines - a place is for whose who love sparkling shot film.
(Photo: PYS travel)

Arriving at the flagpole of the island, visitors will learn about the journey to keep our country's sovereignty
(Learning about the hardship of protecting sea and islands; photo: Tuoi tre Thu do)

Sea embankment of Ngu Phung commune
Looking the sunset at the sea embankment of Ngu Phung commune is fascinating visitors all over the places.
(Looking the sunset; photo: PYS travel).

Thay tomb
It was founded 352 years (in 1665) where every year people consider spiritual places, they come here to offer incense and worship in the hope that they will bring many good luck to their families . Going to Thay tomb, the delegation will walk along a beautiful flower road on Phu Quy island. It’s really stunning and magnificent.
(Photo: Youtube)

Van Thanh temple
With the whale skeleton was determined by officials of Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography in 1963, with a length of over 17m, was restored in 2011 and placed in the middle of a fairly large house. Whale skeleton has 50 vertebrae, 30 pairs of teeth in the lower jaw, upper jaw without teeth. Each tooth is about 20cm long which is as big as an adult's biceps.
(Whale skeleton; photo: Zing)

Trieu Duong Beach
Enjoy white sand, blue sea, beautiful scenery at Trieu Duong beach.
(Photo: PYS travel)
Bãi Nhỏ or Small Beach
It’s a very interesting experience for visitors to set up the tents. Here, visitors can contemplate the magic sunrise.
(Dawn on the sea; photo: PYS travel)

Hòn Đen or Black Island
Visitors can watch coral reef at Black island with more than 30,000 types of corals and hundred types of fish and seaweed. Visitors will see the fish swimming around the boat and observe the colorful corals under the seabed.
(Photo: PYS travel)
Special Dishes
Coming here, visitors can enjoy fresh and delicious seafood dishes such as spanner crab, lobster, ...
(Seafood; PYS travel)
Coming to Phu Quy island,you will have the opportunity to enjoy the fresh and delicious specialties with the price of only VND350,000 - 400,000 / per kilogram. In addition, snail salad is also a special dish on the island.
(Tôm hùm (Ảnh: PYS travel)

Staying on Phu Quy Island
Although the island is small, there are also many households doing tourism business such as hotel, motel, homestay. In addition, on the island, restaurants, groceries, fruit shops, coffee shops… are popular with the extremely affordable prices, so visitors do not need to bring many things from the mainland to the island.

Promotional package for visitors book tour HCM – Phu Quy
- Tour price: VND 2,990,000 / person
- Time: 3 days 2 nights
- Gifts: pillow for neck pain, fan and fashionable ha
- Not to charge for holidays and Tet.
Phu Quy Island is located 120km from Phan Thiet (Binh Thuan). In addition, Phu Quy tourism also has sea services such as canoes, fishing in coordination with exploring other islands such as Hon Tranh, Hon Ma, Hon Hai, Hon Bo…
According to Thoi Dai
Translated by Van Thao


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