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Dawn on Doi Duong Beach - (02/06/2015)

( Doi Duong beach has long been a familiar destination of travelers to Phan Thiet. About five years ago, this place was relatively pristine. But now, the beach has been planned to be a civilized, modern park that attracts a lot of local people and tourists who come to have fun, swim, sightsee and relax the soul.

You should once come to Doi Duong beach in the early morning, when the sun has just dawned on the sea, to see the first rays of a new day weaving through lingering dews sparkling on stems of casuarina trees. Heaven and earth become one. The light blue of the sea, the reddish color of dawn sky and the sparkling light green of ranges of casuarina trees are intertwined to create a beautiful picture of nature. The atmosphere in the morning is extremely comfortable, cool and clean, very beneficial to human health.
Specially, this is also the moment that marks the beginning of the locals’ activities. People begin a new and peaceful day by going to the ocean, blending their soul and body at dawn. This activity is a long existing habit that gradually becomes an indispensable cultural feature of Phan Thiet residents. In the early morning, many groups of elderly people go to the park to practice Tai-Chi, swim or cover themselves with sand as a treament. Many middle-aged people walk breathing, exercising with available equipment at the park while groups of young people are playing sports to improve their stamina. In the hot season, many families bring their children to this beach to treat prickly heat.
Bathing at Doi Duong in the morning, you will feel impeccably interesting. You can build innovative sandcastles or immerse yourself in the blue, cool, undulating sea waves. Many locals still love to dig little shellfishes at Doi Duong beach to prepare the soup for the family lunch. Besides, tourists can see fishermen pulling their first catches of the day.
Doi Duong beacha is like a link connecting people and nature. The peaceful sea and the local people, who are simple, civilized and love nature, have created a very specific characteristic for the lovely and romantic coastal city of Phan Thiet.
Thinh Nguyen – Hong Anh


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