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Cu Lao Cau or Cau islet is very special with many different and unique shapes of rocks - (12/07/2019)

( Tuy Phong – Binh Thuan belongs to the very severe climate, it’s sunny and windy all year round. But, the nature has made up for this land with many amazing natural landscapes. There, the small island is prominent in the immense waves of sea. It looks like a natural wonder which agglomerated the unique values and a poetic space.
(The shapes of Cau islet; photo: Nguyen Vu)
From the seashore of Phuoc The commune, it takes 40 minutes to get to the islet. The islet is just a strip of rocks stretching about 1.5 km. In the distance, we can imagine that it’s the back of a water-nymph in the legend. Many rocks stick together forming an ancient citadel to prevent the rain-storms from the East Sea.
It can be said that there are no place which has so many different shapes and colours, brings many emotions like this place. Typically, we have the statue of goodness looking to the remote range of mountain; the statue of woman waiting for her husband in hopelessness. Anywhere on the islet, we can easily notice the animated images of the flocks of seagull, seals, dolphins, deer…, but these are just the silent blocks of eternal rock on this islet. We hardly find any big tree on the islet, but there are many green bushes, the grasses grow all the corners of the rocks.
On the island showcased from the improvisation of nature is quite interesting, which is the Tien beach, San Ho beach, Ca Tuoi beach, Cong beach, Mieu beach ... like a soft sand of white sand under the feet Big stones that hold their heads together can hide the rain and sun. The way to the cave of Love, Ba Hon cave does not bring a mysterious mystery, but following the cliff will feel fanciful paintings by the beauty of moss.
On the islet, there are many beautiful beaches such as: Tam Tien, San Ho, Ca Suot, Bai Cay, Bai Mieu… Besides, there are also mysterious caves like Ba Hon, Hang Tinh Yeu (or cave of love)… You can freely discover and take the photos for your trip.
The Cau islet with rocks and rocks, and the highest place is above the sea surface not more than 7 meters, so there is no fresh water source here. Yet, Gieng Tien (or fairy well) is only a hollow on a large rock but it has fresh water all year round. It is said that the King Gia Long used the water in this well when he was on the way to seek refuge when being pursued by the Tay Son army. Night by night, snakes of monkeys come here to keep the well water sources pure.
The best favourable weather to go to the islet is right after the lunar New Year when the south winds and waves are flat. The ecological condition here is very rich of fishes, squids, shrimps… It’s not only the source of living for the fishermen but nowadays becomes an ideal ecotourism site for tourists.
Nguyen Vu
Translated by Van Thao


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