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Coming to Tuy Phong district (Binh Thuan province) to hunt gross at Co Thach beach - (30/12/2020)

( - Co Thach beach (Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan province) is well-known for the super strange sceneries of the seven color stone zone which has different shapes, it make any tourists have to be attracted right at the first time to step their feet here. The beach here is beautiful all year round, but the most impressive period is from the end of December to February of next year when the gross- hunting season changes the green new clothing for the beach. All the beach with several kilometers will be covered by the green moss, all creates the surrealist landscape that  stuns tourist everywhere to come and hunt moss.
(Photo: Van Thao)
The moss here grows naturally, not by any hands of human beings. The green mosses cling to the different shapes of rocks and floating gently according to the waves of sea; it looks like the Cham women that are dancing the charming and mysterious  “Siva” dance.
(Photo: Van Thao)
(Photo: Van Thao)

There are two most wonderful times in a day for tourists to hunt green moss and the save the beautiful picture of green moss, they are the dawn and the dusk. At those times, tourists seem to be strayed into the surrealist wonder created by the space of rock, green moss and the immense sea.
(Photo: Van Thao)
(The seven color stone zone; photo: Van Thao)
The green moss season lasts from December to the February of next year, but January is the most beautiful month to explore this place. Therefore, tourists do not miss this time. Let’s enjoy with your family and friends at Tuy Phong to not only hunt the green moss but also experience and explore the pristine feature of the Co Thach beach and the seven color stone zone nearby !
Van Thao


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