Kate Festival

Celebrating Kate festival 2016 at Cham Culture Exhibition Centre - (24/09/2016)

(Muinetourism.vn).- Welcoming Kate Festival 2016, the Cham Culture Exhibition Centre is organizing Cham folk cultural activities to serve local people and visitors.

(Performing traditional Cham art, Photo: Thuy Tram)
Visiting Cham Culture Exhibition Centre
Aiming to create a joyful atmosphere for the traditional festival as well as to attract visitors and local people, promote and introduce the values of material and spiritual culture of Cham people, many interesting activities will be held on 1st and 2nd October 2016 at Cham Culture Exhibition Centre.
Apart from the objects on display, visitors will be introduced about 653 objects with the cultural-historical values collected through collection, transfer and donation of many people. Tourists here will be introduced about the significance of the Kate Festival of Brahmin Cham people from temple to palei (Cham village) through illustration images, the significance of Kate festival in the yin yang theory, the stories attached to history of the Champa dynasty, the custom of stone worship and historical origin of each artifact. In addition, visitors can admire decoration of sacrifices offered to deities and ancestors in the main temple, where Siva deity is worshipped. Visitors can also listen to hymns sung by Mr Kadhar (who play Kanhi – a stringed instrument of Cham people) in smoke of incense and pray for good weather, bumper crop, peace and happiness for palei - village of Cham people.

(The collection of artifacts; Photo:Thuy Tram)

Visitors will have chance to see and research two Cham traditional crafts: weaving and pottery. Visitors will be guided to make simple ceramic forms, fine art products , brocades. All products made by visitors will be evaluated by craftsmen and then give back to visitors as souvenirs. Visiting Cham Culture Exhibition Centre, visitors may take the opportunity to join folk games with prizes such as smelling to guess the dishes’ name, passing obstacles, etc.
Animated Kate festival
In order to create an animated atmosphere for the festival this year, Cham Culture Exhibition Centre will invite famous craftsmen from Phan Hoa, Phan Hiep and Phan Thanh communes (Bac Binh district – Binh Thuan province)  and craftsmen from Bau Truc and My Nghiep communes (Ninh Phuoc district, Ninh Thuan province) to take part in the pottery and weaving contests to make it more attractive to locals and tourists. Besides, there will be many contests showing cultural identity of ethnic Cham, such as sacrifice display contest, making ginger cake contest, handwriting Cham language..  
Along with the contests, artists and artisans of Cham folk artistic troupe from Bac Binh district will perform Cham dances and songs to serve visitors. Besides, visitors will have chance to see the painting exhibition with 100 works under of the theme “Binh Thuan Colors” organised by Binh Thuan Provincial Literature & Arts Association and Arts Association of Bac Binh district. Also on this occasion, Cham Culture Exhibition Centre will introduce 500 books about relics and festival of the Cham in Binh Thuan which are published to conserve tangible and intangible cultural values of Cham people and promote local tourism.

(Making ginger cake contest, Photo:Thuy Tram)

Coming to Bac Binh district on this festival, visitors not only can enjoy folklore, but also will be introduced, guided to linked tour of visiting and admiring the collection of artifacts at opening warehouse of Po Klaong Manai Cham imperial family (17th century) in Tinh My village, Phan Thanh commune. All visitors who love Cham culture are welcomed to visit and enjoy the thematic activities at Binh Thuan Cham Culture Exhibition Center, Song Mao Junction (Mao River Junction), Phan Hiep Commune, Bac Binh District.
Nguyen Vu
Translated by Thuy Tram



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