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C’Choi to organizes the program on lighting the moonlit night in Phan Thiet - (08/10/2018)

( With the desire is to bring the full moon festival jubilantly and excitingly for children of Phan Thiet city on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival 2018, C'Choi (a brand name) has been proud to be a co-sponsor for program "Lighting the moonlit night " in Tien Thanh commune, Phan Thiet city.

Namely, C'Choi was pleased to accompany with the program "Lighting the moonlit night" by the Faculty of Finance - Phan Thiet University, held in primary school of Tien Thanh 2 on September  9th, 2018. The program "Lighting the moonlit night" has really become a festive night for children in Tien Thanh in order to enjoy Mid-Autumn Festival with many cozy, useful and healthy playgrounds for students. In addition to that, C’Choi also gave meaningful gifts to the children.
(Enjoying the Mid-Autumn Festival with students of primary school of
Tien Thanh 2; photo: Nguyen Vu)
Appearing on the market not too long, but the green cosmetics “C’Choi” has really impressed the heart of customer strongly and deeply, especially for those who have high demand for beauty care. This is a good signal for the Vietnamese cosmetics on the market, increasing the prestige of Vietnamese businesses and brand names, contributing to the integration and development of Vietnamese cosmetics so as to meet the need of consumers in Vietnam nowadays.
                                                                                                                                                Nguyen Vu
Translated by Van Thao & Hoai Phuong


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