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Cau Island – Golden sunshine and blue sea water - (31/03/2017)

(Muinetourism.vn).- Cu Lao Cau or Cau island (Tuy Phong District, Binh Thuan province) is so gorgeous in March, when the sunshine is so bright and sea water is so blue. Besides, the fact that the weather is so calm in this season, promising smooth sea journeys, make Cu Lao Cau an irresistible place for tourists, especially those who love to explore the sea. 
(Blue sea water; Image: Duy Quang)
Cau island is considered by backpackers as one of the most pristine and poetic island of Vietnam and a must-visit destination when traveling to Binh Thuan province. In famous forums on tourism in Vietnam, Cu Lao Cau is always an attractive destination to share and introduce for visitors. There are over 10,000 results for the keyword "Cu Lao Cau" on Google.com.

(Image: Duy Quang)
Although it is located near the mainland (about 45 minutes by boat) and quite small (140 hectares), Cau island is attached with a marine protected area with an area of 12,360 hectares. The space around the island is home to many rare marine species. Specially, the sea water here is always jade and well blended with the typical brilliant yellow sunlight of Vietnam’s central coast region. The multicolored beauty of coral reefs and sea creatures resemble imposing paintings emerging naturally, inviting people to admire them.

(Image: Duy Quang)
Cu Lao Cau lures travelers not only with its purity but also with stones in unique shapes and styles like giant sculptures created and arranged by the nature. Visitors can buy tickets at the port in Lien Huong town with the price of 200.000VND/person for round trip to visit the island, admire the colorful coral reefs and the world of marine life
Duy Quang – Hong Anh



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