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Binh Thuan Tourism orientate its brand name by the abundant potentials - (20/11/2020)

( - According to the evaluations from the tourism experts as well as the travel agents and businesses, in the fierce tourism competition between the provinces and cities in Vietnam, Binh Thuan province is still continuing luring tourists by its plentiful and abundant potentials.
( The one-sunny-day squid – Top 50 Vietnamese specialties; photo: Nguyen Vu)
Abundant potentials
Binh Thuan is located in the tropical climate, it is sunny all year round and the temperature is around 27 degree Celsius. All create the perfect conditions for  Binh Thuan province to organize the tourism activities. Binh Thuan has the diversified ecosystem which servers tourists to explore and study. In addition, there are many mineral water mines which are very good for relaxation and therapeutic tourism like Vinh Hao hot springs (Tuy Phong district), Bung Nhi, Phong Dien hot springs (Ham Thuan Nam district), Dakai hot spring (Duc Kinh district).
With the long coastline of 192km, Binh Thuan owns many islands, lagoons, gulfs with the white sand beaches. All create many splendid attractions like Cau island,Binh Thanh, Ganh Son (Tuy Phong district), the white lake (Bac Binh district), Doi Duong beach, Mui Ne – Hon Rom beach (Phan Thiet city), Mui Dien – Khe Ga, Thuan Quy (Ham Thuan Nam district), Doi Duong, Hon Ba, Nganh Tam Tan, Cam Binh (Lagi town). Beside that, Binh Thuan province is very rich in the humanistic tourism resources and traditional festivals like: Ong Dia rocky zone, Po Sah Inu tower, Duc Thanh school (Phan Thiet city), Po Dam tower, Co Thach pagoda (Tuy Phong district), Ta Cu mountain pagoda; many particular festivals like Ngu festival, Nghing Ong festival, Mid-Autumn festivals, Thay Thim festival, Kate, Ramuwan…
This place is also the destination that owns many the most records which is up to 16 Vietnamese records in total. In addition, the Vietnam Record Book Center – VIETKINGS recognized some delicious dishes of Binh Thuan such as Phan Thiet fish sauce (top 50 Vietnamese gift specialties), dragon fruit (top 50 Vietnamese fruit specialties ),  dropping hotpot (top 50 most famous dishes in Vietnam), squid tooth (top 50 most delicious street food in Vietnam), one-sunny-day squid, Banh canh cha ca or the  Vietnamese noodle with fried fish and banh can or the Vietnamese pancake (top 50 Vietnamese dishes).

(The diversified cultural resource; photo: Nguyen Vu)
Orientation for the brand name of tourism
Binh Thuan is always in the top list for many tourists to choose when spending their holidays. In recent year, Binh Thuan has developed rapidly and has become the key industry of the province, playing the important role for the development of the whole province and creating the stable jobs for more than 25.000 local labors. At present, Binh Thuan is still having the attraction to the  tourism investors with more than 300 valid projects. Specially, the strategic investors had decided to invest in Binh Thuan like FLC, TMS, Dubai Viet Nam, TTC, Novaland…
The development of tourism sector has created the motivation for the other sectors, contributing to raise the position of Binh Thuan province in the nation and the world. Along with the construction of infrastructure as well as restoring the historical- cultural relics to attract tourists, Binh Thuan will focus on exploiting the potential of Mui Ne National Tourism Site to affirm its prestige and brand name worldwide; Binh Thuan will develop Tourism greenly and sustainably in the upcoming time.
Nguyen Vu
Translated by Van Thao


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