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Binh Thuan – A tourism paradise for National Day - (02/09/2018)

The vacation of this year National Day will be lasted within three days from September, 1st to September, 3rd. This is the appropriate chance for those who have not much time to relax and take a break after a very long time under the pressure of work and life. Binh Thuan will be the promising and ideal destination for them to reduce stress and recover their health.

1. Cu Lao Cau (or Cau Lao island)
For the travel buffs, Cu Lao Cau is the “true paradise” which is emerging by its pristine, mysterious beauty. There are no habitats, power source very little water on the island. Coming to this place, you will have chance to experience a distinct life like the Robinson in the island. Cu Lao Cau will be the fantastic choice for those who love discovering the beauty of nature and experiencing the adventurous feeling.

2. Phu Quy island
The nature had given this island not only the natural resources but also the gorgeous landscapes. With the pristine beauty which almost is touch by the professional travel activities, Phu Phu island owns its clear beaches, smooth sands and many absolutely amazing coral reefs. Coming to Phu Quy, you will have the occasion to experience strong feeling with high speed canoes, going fishing or visiting the islands such as: Hon Tranh, Hon Trung, Hon Hai, Hon Bo, Cao Cat mountain, Linh Son pagoda, Bang Tranh temple, Thay mosque…

3. Co Thach beach.
The beaches at Co Thach are the combination of stones and sands. Co Thach has one kilometer length of beach which is covered by small stones of various colors and shapes, called seven-colored stones. They were formed by tides, sea currents and waves, thousands of years ago. This colored stone’s zone is the most attractive destination at Co Thach and also one of the most fascinating sceneries of Viet Nam.
4. Ke Ga cape
With the blue sea, fresh air, ancient lighthouse, yellow beaches and the cooling winds, the tranquility of Ke Ga cape – Binh Thuan will certainly help you forget all the tiredness and sorrow in daily life. When the tide lowers, Ke Ga cape is a part of the mainland when it exposes a strip which is connecting the two parts.

5.The sand dunes in Mui Ne
Mui Ne sand dune is also known as flying sand dune in Mui Ne, yellow sand dune… this is considered as the unique sand dune in Viet Nam. This is called “ the flying sand dune” by the its shape changed hour by hour, day by day, month by month… there is no fixed shape at all. The change of shape is because of wind, it blows away the light sand’s layer above.

6. Ta Cu Mountain
The tourist area of Ta Cu Mountain is currently the attractive destination for many people coming here to contemplate and pilgrimage. If having the opportunity coming to beloved Phan Thiet city, you should try one time to go to Ta Cu – a familiar place-name, but lures millions of tourists inside and outside the country.

7. Bau Trang
You will be astonished by the scene which  looks like a masterpiece of nature. Bau Trang is surrounded by the white sand dunes; with the wind and the sunshine given by the nature, it makes Bau Trang Lake much more beautiful. In the blindingly dazzling sunshine, the sand dunes appear like a sparkling and mysterious beauty. The slopes of immense sand dunes seem to stretch far and far away to the horizon. The sand here used to be yellow, then gradually changing to the pure white color.

8. Mui Ne fishing village
Being the must-visit tourist spot for tourists when coming to Phan Thiet, Mui Ne fishing village is the place that not only tourists can purchase seafood with the dirty cheep prices, but also they can learn more about the life of the fishermen here. Besides, the gorgeous nature of the coastal area here is the highlight to attract tourists.

9. PoShainu tower
Travelling to Phan Thiet, there is a place which brings the typical feature of ethnic Cham People is PoShainu tower. It is very special and new strange place that tourists can’t help visiting. PoShainu Cham tower is an architecture of ancient kingdom of Cham People with the unique value of art, culture and architecture; this tower is the attractive spot for tourists when having chance to come to Phan Thiet.

10. Mui Ne fairy stream

The fairy stream in Mui Ne is one of the famous tourist attractions in Phan Thiet city, brings the wonderful scenery with the strange-looking and grandiose beauty of alluvial current flowing around the two- colored mountain slopes.
Bao An (According to brand ame and Law)
       Translated by Van Thao


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