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48 hours to discover the deserted scenery of Binh Thuan with only 700.000 VND - (26/04/2019)

( Talking about Binh Thuan, most tourists often remember Phan Thiet and Mui Ne. However, with the different beautiful landscapes, Tuy Phong district (90 km to the North of Phan Thiet) is attracting tourists. Within 48 hours, you can go to to visit Cu Lao Cau or Cau Lao Island, seven-color rocky beach, mossy beach at Co Thach pagoda, giant fields of wind turbine.
(The most gorgeous scene at Cu Lao is the blue sea water together
with the white sand beaches and many strange shapes of rock around the Island; photo: Tam Linh)

Cu Lao Cau or Lao Cau Island
Cu Lao Cau is a small island which is belonged to Tuy Phong district. The pristine Island has not yet been exploited, so it is very clean, suitable for those who like to explore nature. You should spend at least one day here.
The island has smooth white sand beaches, clear blue waters and many multi-colored coral reefs. You can contact the owner to experience the scuba diving to see the coral and catch the fish to grill on the campfire.
During the day, you can also visit a number of attractions on the island such as Ba Hon, Bai Tien, Love cave, Khe Sung Suong , Ca Suot beach, Nam Hai god temple, especially sanest cave, where there are hundreds of salanganes making nests.
The convenient period of time to explore the island is from April to August (according to the lunar calendar). In the season of south wind, the sea is calm and the ships are easy to approach the Island. However, sometimes there will be rough weather during this time, you should see the weather forecast before deciding for the trip. From August to March next year in lunar calendar is the season of North wind, the sea is very rough andthe wave is big, therefore the ship will take more time to move to the Island . However, the weather on the Island is always sunny and windy even half a year without rain.
From the mainland to Cu Lao Cau, you can start from many places: Lien Huong town, Phuoc The fishing port, Vinh Tan commune ... Here are two fastest ways:
 - If departing from Lien Huong town (Tuy Phong district), you place the glass-bottomed ship of the Marine Conservation Center for 250.000 VND/ per round trip, taking about 40 minutes in the quiet sea season and 75 minutes in the big wave and strong wind.
 - If you depart from Phuoc The fishing port, you can ask for a wooden boat from a fisherman or a ship carrying fresh water and food to the island, which takes about 30 minutes.
Due to the management of the Coast guard, the tourism is not exploited, so the island does not have any accommodation facilities yet. If you want to spend the night, you should bring your own camp, prepare food and fresh water from the mainland for daily activities and ask for permission from the soldiers on the Island.
There are only a few food stalls on the Island, but they open very irregularly. Some dishes that you should try here are shellfish, the moon crab, the oyster (considered as specialties of Cu Lao Cau).
(seven-color rocky beach; photo: Tam Linh)

seven-color rocky beach and mossy beach at Co Thach pagoda
Co Thach beach (Binh Thanh commune) has a kilometer long beach, attracting many tourists. This place is recognized by the Vietnam’s record due to the shape and color of the rocks here. This area is full of smooth pebbles formed several hundred years ago due to seawater erosion.
Not far from the beach is Co Thach mossy beach with strange shaped rocks, smooth surface covered with green moss. The scene makes visitors think that It look like a strange land from the other planet. The moss only appears around February to April every year.
The convinient period of time to visit Co Thach rocky beach is early in the morning when the sun rises, the tide just recedes. The sun shines on the rocks that are not yet dry, sparkling the sea like an open-cast mine.
Co Thach sea has many accommodation facilities and restaurants which have are reasonable price for tourists. In addition, you should buy fresh seafood caught by fishermen and then bring it to the hotel to process for your yummy meal.
(Tourists come here to enjoy the beautiful scene; photo: Tam Linh)
Wind power plant in Tuy Phong district
This is a large wind power area of the country located in Binh Thanh commune with many giant wind turbines. This is a check-in place for young people to enjoy the scenery and take some photos for themselves.
Wind power fields located right along National Highway 1A can be easily seen from a distance. The factory area has a very big wind, so you need to keep your personal belongings and park the motorbike carefully.
Here are two schedules for you:
If you choose personal vehicles, From HCMC, you will go along the National Highway 1A to the North about 280 km to Lien Huong town (Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan). You should rest, have meal at Lien Huong and then move to these three locations, not too far away.
If you take a bus, buy a night bus ticket from HCM, you will go to Lien Huong town at dawn, the fare is about 100.000-200.000 VND/person for one way. After that, you should rent a motel for your rest waiting for the sky getting clear, you will arrive at the sea port to take the ship to Cu Lao Cau.
If you go to the island with a day, in the evening, you will come back to Lien Huong and enjoying the life there. The next morning, you visit the wind power field and Co Thach seven-color rocky beach. At noon, you will take the bus to Ho Chi Minh City.
Round trip train tickets from the mainland to Cu Lao Cau are about 200.000 – 300.000 VND per person. Rental prices of motels and hotels in Lien Huong town are around from 150.000 to 300.000 VND per room. The cost of eating in town is about 200.000 – 300.000 VND per person for two days.
Tam Linh (According to VnExpress)
Translated by Hoai Phuong


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