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Cow racing competition - La Gi town’s cultural features - (16/02/2017)

The cow racing competition was held on the morning of February 12th, at Coo Beach Camp (Tan Phuoc commune, La Gi town), attracting domestic and foreign visitors. The racecourse next to the sea with the cool weather is surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Coo Beach Camp, which created an excited and joyful atmosphere.

Cultural – Tourism Festival of Dinh Thay Thim 2016 in La Gi ... - (08/10/2016)

(Muinetourism.vn).- The cultural – tourism festival of Dinh Thay Thim 2016 in La Gi town will officially take place from 14th to 26th October 2016 (from 14th to 16 September in Lunar Calendar) with various activities organized at the graves and temple of Thay and Thim (in Tan Tien commune) as well as in tourist attractions of La Gi town, Binh Thuan province.

Dinh Thay Thim (Thay Thim Temple) - (27/03/2015)

(Muinetourism.vn).- Dinh Thay Thim, which is literally translated as “Thay Thim Palace”, is actually a temple built over 130 years ago in Lagi town (Binh Thuan province) to worship a talent, kind-hearted hermit called Thay (The Wizard), who used magic to help indigent people, and his wife – Thim (The Aunt).

Novel Lagi Beach of Binh Thuan - (11/02/2015)

(Muinetourism.vn).- Located 150km to the east of Ho Chi Minh city, Lagi beach has just become poppular to tourists recently. That’s why the seaside here remains pristine, with many delicious dishes from seafood available


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