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Delicious foods to try in Binh Thuan - (13/02/2015)

Muinetourism.vn).- Located on Southern Central Coast of Viet Nam, Binh Thuan is endowed with so many fantastic natural landscapes, being home of diverse historic cultural heritage and possesses a large munber of delicious foods. If you have chance to come to Binh Thuan, don’t forget to try as many foods as you can. Here are some suggestion for you:

Phu Quy mango cake - (13/02/2015)

(Muinetourism.vn).- It’s so amazing trying mango cake in Phu Quy island. The cake is pure yellow, a little bit tough but flexible, sour and sweet at the same time.

Binh Thuan dragon fruit - (10/02/2015)

(Muinetourism.vn).- Binh Thuan dragon fruit is famous not only in Vietnam but also in many other countries. To Binh Thuan, this succulent fruit is now at the same time an important economic resource and a speciality for tourism.

Delicious sea shrimp of Binh Thuan - (10/02/2015)

(Muinetourism.vn).- Sea shrimp is one of famous specialites of the tourism city of Phan Thiet. This food becomes more and more famous nowadays when a lot of delectable dishes from shrimp appear in menus of many restaurants and resorts in Phan Thiet.

Tamarind in Binh Thuan cuisine - (10/02/2015)

(Muinetourism.vn).- Tamarind leaves and fruits are used extensively in cuisines around the world. It’s also a familiar ingredient in Vietnamese dishes. In Binh Thuan, tamarind is used to make many special, delicious foods and drinks.

Super delicious dishes from scallops - (10/02/2015)

Muinetourism.vn).- Scallops are fan-shaped bivalves that can be found in all the world’s oceans. Normally, they live together in dense groups on the sea bed, but some, however, attach to reefs or burry themselves in sand. They prefer slow sea currents, like the one in Hon Rom (Thatch island) and Rang of Binh Thuan province.

Soup from dong and tamarind leaves - (10/02/2015)

(Muinetourism.vn).- Dishes make from meat of dong (a lizard-like animal) and tamarind leaves has been long famous in Binh Thuan.

Re cake – Tasty speciality of Binh Thuan - (10/02/2015)

(Muinetourism.vn).- Binh Thuan is always an attractive destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. Apart from famous tourist sites with beautiful landscape, Binh Thuan has numerous specialities. Many of them were even recognized by Vietnam Record Organization.


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