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( - In order to meet the high need of transportation and travel at Phu Quy island (Binh Thuan province) on the Reunification Day (April 30th) and May Day holiday, Binh Thuan tourism promotion center announces the sea route between Phu Quy island and the main land of Phan Thiet.
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( - In order to welcome the tourists to Mui Ne (Phan Thiet coty, Binh Thuan province) after the long term social distancing, Pandanus resort offers a package holiday called “Chill out at Mui Ne”
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( - Luggage storage company Bounce has named Mui Ne in the southern central province of Binh Thuan among the top 10 best beach vacation destinations globally.
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( - Banh beo is a kind of familiar dish to almost Vietnamese throughout the whole nation, and each region has its own flavor. For Phan Thiet city (Binh Thuan province), Banh beo will bring the typical feature from the shape to the taste.
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( - Phan Thiet city (Binh Thuan province) is one of the relaxation sites of the nation with the favorable weather conditions and the ideal terrain for developing tourism. Beside that, Binh Thuan also attract tourists by the variety of seafood.
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( - In order to promote and advertise the image of Binh Thuan on the occasion of 26 years of Binh Thuan Tourism Day (October 24, 1995 – October 24, 2021), the Labor Union of Binh Thuan Tourism Promotion Center holds the online contest named “Binh Thuan in your heart”.
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( - In order to evaluate the influence of Covid-19 on the tourism activities as well as to catch the need of tourist, Binh Thuan Tourism Promotion Center has just done a survey to know the need and psychology of tourists to the Binh Thuan destination.
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( - On a cooling afternoon day, when strolling around Phan Thiet city, I suddenly heard sound of the street vendor “Bánh Hòn không? Who wants to eat tapioca cake? ”. That is a dish which is strange and familiar feeling to me. Strange feeling is because it was such a long time, now I hear about the simple dish of the my homeland. familiar feeling is because it sticks to my beautiful childhood memories with the round –shaped dessert.
313 view - A ccording to the report from Binh Thuan Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, within the first six months of 2021, Binh Thuan province welcomed about 1.750.000 tourist arrivals, an increase of 1.13% compared to the same period of last year, turnover was about VND 3.700 billion.
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( - Recently, the online website of has organized a survey on tourism so that the domestic tourists can score the Vietnamese Cuisine. As a result, there are many tourism cities hailed in the honored list, and Mui Ne – Phan Thiet is among them.
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( - Recently, in the official announcement of VIetkings and VietTop organizations on the top 100 specialties of the whole nation (2020-2021), Binh Thuan contributed 5 specialties in the list.
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( - Tonight, February 11, 2021, this is the transition day between the old and the new year, there will be the music night at Vo Van Kiet park (Phan Thiet city) to welcome the lunar New Year 2021. This is hosted by the collaboration between Binh Thuan Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Phan Thiet city.
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( On February 1st, 2021,the Tram Anh investment and development company has just launched the high speed ship named “Phu Quy Island” with the capital of 50 billion. The ship has the length of 47 meters and get the speed of 21 nautical mile/hour, it can stand in the wind levels of 7 and 8.
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( - According to Binh Thuan Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, in November, the whole province welcomed about 255.000 tourist arrivals, in which the number of international tourist was around 2.2000 people, the turnover was about VND 935 billions.
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( - In order to serve the need of enjoying the culture and sports among the levels of citizens in the province as well as to create the attractive events to lure tourists. Binh Thuan Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has just made a announcement on the holding the activities on the two last months of 2020 in the Phan Thiet city and the districts of Bac Binh and Tuy Phong.
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( - In the meeting on November 12th at Victoria Resort (Km9 Nguyen Thong street, Phu Hai ward, Phan Thiet city), Binh Thuan Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and representative of Victoria Resort discussed and gave out the official date to organize the Muine Dune Marathon 2020. Attending at the event, there were the presence of the local and central journalists.
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( -With the meaning of creating the healthy and unique playground to attract tourists all over the places to come, compete and relax in Binh Thuan province. Binh Thuan Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism worked together with Victoria Hotel & Resort in order to hold the Muine Dunes Marathon in 2020 in Phan Thiet city.
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( - That is the theme of the music program to celebrate the 25 years of Binh Thuan Tourism Day (October 24,1995 – October 24, 2020) which will be held on the night of October 24 at Doi Duong park.
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( - According to the report of Binh Thuan Department of culture, sports and tourism, on the whole province of Binh, there was about 1.9 millions of visitors to Binh Thuan. In which, there was about 166.000 international visitors. The turnover was VND 6.081 billions.
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( Chairman of Binh Thuan provincial people’s committee – Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Hai has just signed the document on approving the foreign tourists to travel to Phu quy tourist area without the permission of Binh Thuan provincial public security.
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( Binh Thuan Department of culture, sports and tourism has just issued the official document and sending to the the tourist accommodations and relevant units about the measures to serve tourists on the National Day (September 2nd, 2020)
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( On August 24th, 2020, Ministry of Culture, sports and tourism has issued the Decision No 2354/QD-BVHTTDL on recognizing Mui Ne (Binh Thuan) as the national tourism site.
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( The “beautiful photo about Binh Thuan tourism” contest continues to receive the works according to 02 addresses : and email: .
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( Responding to the program “Vietnamese travel Vietnam”, Binh Thuan Department of culture, sports and tourism hold a contest which is called “Composing photo, video clip and article about Binh Thuan ”. The contest aims at promoting the advantages and potentials of Binh Thuan tourism.

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